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Child Care

CCS Quarterly Provider Meeting Notes

Becoming a Contracted Child Care Provider


To view the Child Care Maximum Daily Care Rates  click here (Effective October 1, 2020)

To view the Provider Payment Schedule 2020-2021 click here


Child Care Automated Attendance System

Effective April 1, 2021 the Child Care Automated Attendance System (CCAA) will no longer be available.  Please ensure parents follow your center procedures for recording daily attendance and absence reporting.  Please follow required absence reporting system in place with CCS.  For more information please contact Ana Rodriguez, CCS Billing Supervisor, at (956)794-1500. 

Access to the CCAA portal is no longer available.  Please ensure you have form 2450 on file to authorize each CCS referral for billing purposes.   

Supplemental Billing Forms

To access Supplemental Billing Form & Instructions click here


Texas Rising Star Provider Program


The Texas Rising Star (TRS) Provider program offers providers the opportunity to participate in a voluntary certification process to improve the quality of child care services by exceeding the State's Minimum  Licensing Standards for Child Care facilities.  The TRS certification system provides graduated levels of certification as providers progress to meet next level certification requirements.  Enhanced graduated reimbursement rates are avaialble for providers who become TRS certified.

For more information about becoming a TRS certified provider contact Sally Cavazos at (956)794-1519 or Amalia Rios at (956)794-1518.

Click here to acces TRS Guidelines.





Please note:  We are currently working on updating your provider's webpage to enhance its functionality and provide you with the most up to date information!!  Please check back soon.